Tom Felton: his life after the magic “Harry Potter”

Clemence Duranton

April 26, 2023

Article taken from Paris Match

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While an exhibition in Paris recounts “Harry Potter”, the star actor of the saga retraces his years as a wizard in a book of confessions. We met him in London.

The man is amazing. Not very tall, a bit stocky, he arrives in the room of a London hotel thirty minutes before our meeting. “He wants to greet you,” his agent tells us. GOOD. ” Good morning ! I am Tom,” he says, in French, shaking our hands with a firm grip. “Do you want a candy? I brought you my favorites. Tom Felton admits it himself: he has everything from Mr. Everybody. Impossible to imagine when meeting him that he made a career in cinema. Even less in a saga as huge as that of “Harry Potter”. Labeled a petty kid, odious Slytherin, sworn enemy of the nice Harry, Felton did not benefit from the reputation of his playmates, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. However, Tom is the jovial type, very open, sympathetic. Suffice to say that the resemblance to his character stops at the way he has to pronounce “Potter” by pressing the P. When we hand him his book so that he can dedicate it to us, he laughs. “I’m sorry, I signed ‘Drago’, it’s an annoying habit that I’ve picked up… Even at the bank!

In his book, he retraces his crazy years of witchcraft, his childhood between “Muggle” school and Hogwarts, but also his passion for fishing and his relationship with his three bulky older brothers. Before starting the interview, he talks about a trip he has just made to Normandy, wants to express his love for France and his need to speak French as much as possible – who knows why, with a German accent. He settles into an armchair, all smiles, and lays his azure gaze on us. “Okay, I’ll stop chatting, I promise. We can start.

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